Who are you? 

Kay Bürger

Where are you from?

Aachen, Germany

How did you get into electronic dance music?

It was in 1994 I heard a song by Marusha called Somewhere Over the Rainbow.  It was rave and I loved that sound. I started to follow DJ’s like, Marusha, Westbam, Taucher, Chris Liebing, Ellen Alien etc.

That kind of music became more and more popular in Germany and the scene was growing very fast. Throughout the years I have been through almost every genre of EDM.  It was a long, exciting and interesting journey through different bpms and sounds.  

I love the energy in EDM music and how it’s possible to express your emotions in it.

What genres do you work with?  

I don’t like the word genre much.  It’s like putting someone into a box.  I love to surprise people with music.  I use a mix of Progressive House, Electro House, Tech Trance, Big Room and harddance/Hardstyle.  

I love it dark and dirty when it comes to trance and energetic and powerful when it comes to big room and prog and electro house.
I also love to mix it up by using elements of dubstep, drum and bass or acoustic and alternative stuff in my tracks and sets.

What projects are you working on at the moment?

At the moment I am working on 2 projects. 
~ The first one is my own alias Aprocltd, where I do more trancy stuff.  I like a special sound in it, it has to be dark, dirty and hard but also soft and with a bit of madness. In my radio show Aprocltds Mental Breakdown, which is released on the first Friday of every month, I express what I am through that kind of music.  I am really excited about this project because I will be joined by well known trance artists from various labels.  Follow me on Mixcloud to keep up-to-date http://www.mixcloud.com/Aprocltd/

~ The second project I am working on is a collaboration with Shiva TheKiDD called Fe-Male.  We mix Electro House combined with Big Room sounds.  It’s a new project we started in August 2012 and we are working hard on our first original tack.  The workflow is fantastic and we have a lot of fun working together.  The sound of Fe-Male is powerful and energetic combined with hard kicks and a bright big room sound.  To be the first to hear our Copy and Paste podcasts, follow us here http://soundcloud.com/fe-male

You are known for your mashups.  What would you say are your best mashups so far and why? 

The best mashup I ever made was Tiesto vs La Fuente - Lethal Bang Bang Industry (Aprocltd Smashup).  It opened the doors to the next step of my career it got quite successful with support from Tiësto, La Fuente, Jacob Van Hage, Ernesto, Pedro Del Mar, Tekno, Ernesto vs Bastian, Eddie Halliwell, Filo and Peri, Dj Bl3nd and many more.

Most of my mashups are available on Soundcloud http://soundcloud.com/aprocltd

Support within the music industry is obviously very important.  Who have you been supported by? 

Tiësto;  La Fuente;  Jacob Van Hage;  Ernesto;  Pedro Del Mar;  Tekno;  Ernesto vs Bastian;  Eddie Halliwell;  Filo and Peri;  Dj Bl3nd;  Aerofoil;  Artento Divini;  Vintage and Morelli;  Alex Fisher;  E&G; Sound of Stereo;  Lee Osborne;  Aaron Camz;  D-wayne;  Hyperbits;  Dj Shwann;  Andrew Parsons; Renvo and many more.

Do you have any live gigs coming up? 

At the moment focussing mainly on productions.  However, some gigs on radio shows are coming.  I have a great one coming up where I will play alongside Binary Finary, Aerofoil, Jacob Van Hage, E&G and more.

What is your all-time favourite track?

That is a hard question!  I can’t decide between Binary Finary - 1998 and Ernesto vs Bastian - Thrill.

Which artists inspire you?

I have been really fortunate to work with many different artists over the years.  They have all inspired me in one way or the other.  I’d like to say a big thanks to these guys:

Tekno, Shiva TheKiDD, Shwann, Adrena Line, Paul Orbit, AKS, Frank Van 't Ende, Mr. Anderson & Phil Morris.
I get my inspiration from all across the music world. Also from people who mean a lot to me, so it’s not only about artists. 

Some of the artists who have inspired me are Mike Oldfield;  Depeche mode;  Pink Floyd;  Coldplay;  Markus Schulz;  Binary Finary;  Steve Aoki;  Tiësto;  Aerofoil;  E&G;  Dimitry Vegas & Like Mike;  Dada Life;  Hardwell and many more.

Have you ever been signed to a label?

I was signed to Divinus Records in 2011, where I did a bit of background work.